Is This Another Diet?

This is not a diet, nor an eating plan. I am here to support you on a journey of incorporating more protein and vegetable-based dishes into your lives, and to offer some information and tips that have helped me in my own personal journey of transforming my cooking and self-care.

I don’t believe there is a one-diet-fits-all, nor do I think there is one diet that fits us for every stage of our lives. Rather, to be in a process of connecting with the constantly changing needs of our bodies is a beautiful thing. As we age, our goals, activity levels, living environments and stress levels change, and all of these shifts require changes in how we eat. To develop and nourish our full being we must create a self-sustaining and adaptive relationship with food that expands and contracts based on whatever our outer world provides.

Protein, Veggies, & Creative Food

The highest amount of macronutrients are available to us in meals filled with organic vegetables and clean proteins. There are strategies to make this not just possible, but also simple, affordable, and uplifting.

Transform your kitchen into a sanctuary and begin to cultivate wholesome deliciousness that nurtures the palate, the body and the soul.