Heartful Kitchen: A Cookbook for Every Body

Heartful Kitchen: A Cookbook for Every Body  is a cookbook by Maria Cooper, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef with over 14 years of international Chef experience.

Inspired by the traditional paleo model, Heartful Kitchen eliminates nightshades, fruit, corn, starchy tubers, pork, honey and other sugars while maximizing clean proteins. Through its focus on whole foods such as organic and grass-fed meats, responsibly sourced seafood, organic plants, organic nuts and seeds, healthy oils, and rich spices, Heartful Kitchen allows you to explore flavorful recipes which can be prepared in advance to simplify your busy week.

Many recipes are consistent with or easily adaptable to GAPS, FODMAPS, and Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP).

The goal of Heartful Kitchen is to empower you to bring simple, healthy, delicious recipes into your weekly rotation.

With Heartful Kitchen you can:

  • Integrate a gluten-free, dairy-free, protein and vegetable-based diet into your lifestyle in a balanced and financially sustainable way, no matter where you live.
  • Focus on whole foods such as organic meats, seafood, plants, healthy oils, rich spices and herbs and learn from creative recipes and techniques
  • Prepare meals in advance and serve them throughout the week
  • Support digestive health practices including soaking and sprouting organic nuts, making rich organic bone broths and more.
  • Care for health conditions that require special dietary restrictions

If you are interested in bringing more vitality to your being, to your taste buds, and to the ones that you love, dive into Heartful Kitchen.

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